Free Early Childhood Education Classes Online

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Free Early Childhood Education Classes Online
In this article, we have listed out some of the best free early childhood education classes online that are available to enhance your skill set, making you a better educator.

Not only did we just list these classes but we also included a quick summary and overview of what to expect in each class. You don’t only get the knowledge when you study any of this courses but you also get a certificate which you could present anywhere, thus giving you additional advantage over others in interviews. There are also online colleges that offers Early Childhood Education (ECE) and we have the best which are included in another article of ours. You can follow the link provided above to learn about these online colleges.

10 Free Early Childhood Education Classes Online


Duration: 1.5 – 3 hours.

First on our list is this free online class and it teaches how to manage kids with Autism and similar developmental disorders in school settings.
The Shadow Support addressed in this class, involves one-on-one support for children with developmental disorders to help them develop social, behavioural and academic skills. You will learn in this class, the necessary tools and techniques needed to provide shadow support and help you understand the need for inclusive education systems. This class begins by explaining the inclusive education systems and establishing the need for these systems. After this, it covers the characteristic of autistic children that differentiates them from their neurotypical counterparts and explains the educational implications of having such disorders.


Duration: 1.5 – 3 hours.

This free online Introduction to the Learning Process for Teachers and Trainers class will teach you how to fulfill your instructional role effectively by using teaching methods that are grounded in the learning process of education.
You will take a look into a framework for planning, creating, and delivering effective lessons and also assessing a student’s learning, as well as Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning. While learning this course, you will be introduced to tow major learning theories, which are behaviorism and constructivism.
This teachers learning process course will also talk about the contributions to the learning processes made by John Dewey and Lev Vygotsky among many others.


Duration: 4 – 5 hours.

In this class, there will be provision of useful information and basic tools for parents and teachers to address bullying. As you go on in this class, you will understand why it is such a pertinent issue and recognize that all children involved need help – those who are bullied and those who bully. You will also learn about cyber bullying and the relevant legislation involved. In this class, you will learn how to protect children from self doubt and suffering in the context of incidents of bullying. What happens to the child who is being bullied or is a bully and how does it affect them? How do you know that a child is a bully and how do we address this issue? These and other questions will be addressed in this course. This course will introduce you to the various form of bullying that takes place in primary and secondary schools. You will also learn about the relevance and implications of bullying and cyber-bullying. To recognize the problem of bullying, you will learn about the characteristics of a bully so you would be able to tackle this problem when it comes.


Duration: 1.5 – 3 hours.

This is one of the free early childhood education classes online and it focuses on Montessori Teaching, enlightening the students with the fundamental concepts and historical context of early childhood education (ECE).
Maria Montessori and her observations towards the learning behaviors of children, along-with different established domains of Montessori Teaching will also be attended to. This class also explains the role of environment for environment-led learning. Learning this free early childhood education class online, will help you build your interest towards Montessori teaching, as it focuses on the concept of Montessori teachings and the observations of Maria Montessori towards childhood and their learning behaviours. Also in this class, you will learn the fundamentals and domains of Montessori teaching. This class is ideal for beginners.


Duration: 1.5 – 3 hours. This free online class is designed to help English Second Language (ESL) teachers around the globe find more exciting and fun learning methods through interactive games and activities. Because the language barrier poses a lot of difficulties in one’s ability to communicate and express oneself, this class will help you keep your pupils entertained and engaged throughout your learning plan. Children have varied personalities and peculiar learning styles, so it is your responsibility as an English Second Language (ESL) teacher to take note of these learning styles.
This class will provide you with a general overview of incorporating of games as an integral part of the learning process for both young and older students. When you integrate games in class, it will help in recreating the early learning environment which these youngsters use to develop their first language. In this class, you will get the knowledge of the three primary learning styles and how to use this knowledge to observe, understand and teach your students.


Duration: 4 – 5 hours.

In this class, you will be able to analyze about the techniques involved in the cognitive processing of emotions and development. The learning of the academic definition of emotions and types of moods, and discuss cognitive neuroscience, which provides an alternative way of understanding the role of emotional factors in judgement and decision making will also be dealt with. This free class will deepen your understanding of the cognitive processing of emotions and development. You will explore Easterbrook’s hypothesis as well as, preferred processing techniques and social-cognitive development. You will first be introduced to the definition of ’emotions’ and the dIfferent prenatal development stages.


Duration: 4 – 5 hours.

In this free early childhood education class online, you will learn about cognitive processing and the processes involved in language acquisition. You will be able to study the technical definition of ‘language acquisition’ and the concept of ‘modularity’. A theory called the associative chain theory, which states that a sentence consists of a chain of association between the individual words in it, will also be discussed here. In this free comprehensive class, you will explore various phases in the development of psycholinguistics, as well as the word superiority effect (WSE). You are first introduced to the definition of ‘language’ and the different language system that exists. You will also learn about dyslexia, which is when someone have a problem of reading, even though that person may be intellectually and behaviorally typical and have had proper instruction and opportunity to practice reading. In this course you will also study, language comprehension and cognitive processes among others.


Duration: 4 – 5 hours.

In this free online class, you will learn about Cognitive Processing and the concepts and procedures involved in Knowledge and Imagery. You will learn the definition of spatial cognition and the different approaches to categorization. Mental imagery, which refers to the ability to recreate the sensory world in the absence of physical stimuli, will be taught in a unique way. This comprehensive class will help boost your Knowledge and Imagery in Cognitive Processing skills. In this course, you will explore the semantic Network Approach, as well as the Freedman Experiment Procedure and Cognitive maps. You will be introduced in the beginning of this course on the definition of Connectionism and the different approach to categorization.
The next thing you will learn is the Collins and Loftus Model and Schemas. This course is fit for social sciences students or professionals in Humanities.


Duration: 1.5 – 3 hours

This free online Student Development and Diversity training class will give you a solid grasp of the main development factors involved in student growth. To be an effective educator, one must have a good understanding of student development and also, of student diversity. With this course, you will get an in-depth knowledge at the physical, cognitive, social, and moral development of students, which you can then practice it. In this class, you will study the different development models, as well as puberty and physical changes that occurs during this stage.
You will learn height and weight trends in the student’s development, the factors that gives rise to obesity levels and the importance of developing motor skills in young children. Also in this class, you Will study Erikson’s eight model of social development and Gilligan’s model of moral development among others. You will also take a look into bilingualism, culture and study the total immersion and additive approach to second language learning.


Duration: 1.5 – 3 hours

This class will teach you about the implications that parental separation has for a child’s school staff, and will clarify the role, responsibilities of the child’s school following parental separation. It will also teach you about parental separation, the rights of parents, custody disputes and the courts, children in care, school communication, school collection requirements according to parental status, and more.
You will be introduced to this class by the definition of guardianship and also the duty of a guardian, which is to take proper care of the child. After this, you will look into the parental status and school communication. Upon the completion of this class, you will gain a better understanding of the school’s responsibility for collection agreements and communication requirements, both depending on the parental status.

In conclusion, these free early childhood education classes online listed above are prepared for your learning and aimed in making you more experience and capable of teaching youngsters. You could also get a degree in early childhood education and we have just the information you need. Just click on the link provided above and learn more about ECE.