40 Cheapest Online Computer Science Degree

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cheapest online computer science degree fully online
A cheap online Computer Science degree can help you develop a diverse set of skills and knowledge in areas such as programming, data structures, algorithms, database applications, system security, and more without having to spend a lot. You’ll graduate from any of the 40 Cheapest online computer science degrees listed in this article with a firm grasp on the fundamentals of computer science as well as an intuitive understanding of the challenges ahead.
Computer science is intertwined with nearly every other field, including business, health care, education, science, and the humanities. It creates efficient and elegant technological solutions to complex problems by combining theoretical and practical knowledge to create software that drives business, transforms lives, and strengthens communities. Many students who have the aptitude to complete a BS in a computer science degree program may lack the financial resources to do so. However, these listed cheapest computer science education will provide excellent degrees at reasonable prices, allowing anyone to pursue their academic goals in computer science!
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What is an online computer science degree?

A bachelor’s degree in computer science online provides graduates with the foundation they need to work as software developers, network engineers, operators or managers, database engineers, information security analysts, systems integrators, and computer scientists in a variety of industries. Some programs allow students to specialize in areas such as computer forensics, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and computer and network security. Although most programs require classes in fundamental or introductory mathematics, programming, web development, database management, data science, operating systems, information security, and other subjects, online classes are typically hands-on and tailored to those specializations. Students who enjoy real-world problem solving and staying up to date on the ever-changing trends and technologies associated with this field will most likely be a good fit for an online bachelor’s degree program.

How to choose the best cheapest online computer science degree program

When researching computer science degree programs online, students should consider a variety of factors, ranging from cost to curriculum. Students should also make certain that they are only looking at accredited online colleges. Students should consider the cost of the program as well as salary projections for specific job tracks when considering certain programs.

Online Computer Science Degree Cost

Although online computer science degrees are typically less expensive than traditional degrees, they can still be costly, ranging from $15,000 to $80,000 in total.

Here’s an example of a price disparity: An online bachelor’s degree in computer science would cost different for an in-state student at the . A campus-based in-state student in Florida, on the other hand, would pay more in tuition and fees over four years, not including room and board.

40 Cheapest online Computer Science degree

If you want to advance your career in computer science, here are the cheapest online Computer Science degrees to help you:

#1. Fort Hays State University 

Fort Hays State University’s online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program teaches students the analytical and problem-solving skills required to succeed in the technical workforce. Operating systems, programming languages, algorithm design, and software engineering are among the topics covered by students. Along with the 39 semester credit hours required for the computer science major, students can choose from two 24 credit hour emphasis tracks: Business and Networking. Accounting and management information systems are covered in the Business track, while internetworking and data communications are covered in the Networking track.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $5,280 (in-state), $15,360 (out-of-state).


#2. Florida State University

This major provides a broad foundation for entry into a career in computing. It takes a systems-oriented approach to compute, emphasizing the interdependence of design, object orientation, and distributed systems and networks as they progress from basic software to systems design. This major cultivates fundamental skills in programming, database structure, computer organization, and operating systems. It provides opportunities to study a variety of other aspects of computer and information science, including information security, data communication/networks, computer and network system administration, theoretical computer science, and software engineering.
Every student can expect to become proficient in C, C++, and Assembly Language programming. Students may also be exposed to other programming languages such as Java, C#, Ada, Lisp, Scheme, Perl, and HTML.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $5,656 (in-state), $18,786 (out-of-state).


#3. University of Florida

The University of Florida offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program that teaches students about programming, data structures, operating systems, and other related topics.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $6,381 (in-state), $28,659 (out-of-state).


#4. Western Governors University

Western Governors University is a Salt Lake City-based private university. Surprisingly, the school employs a competency-based learning model rather than the more traditional cohort-based model. This enables a student to progress through their degree program at a rate that is more appropriate for their abilities, time, and circumstances. All major regional and national accreditation bodies have accredited Western Governors University’s online programs. Students have to complete a series of courses to complete the online computer degree. These include naming a few, Business of IT, Operating Systems for Programmers, and Scripting and Programming. The majority of students transfer in their general education credits before completing the BS degree at Western Governors University.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $6,450.


#5. California State University, Monterey Bay

CSUMB offers a cohort-based Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree completion program. Because the cohort size is limited to 25-35 students, professors and advisors can provide more personalized instruction and advice. Students also participate in a video conference once a week to interact with faculty and other students. Courses in internet programming, software design, and database systems are included in the curriculum. Students must create a portfolio and complete a capstone project to graduate from the program and improve their job search prospects.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $7,143 (in-state), $19,023 (out-of-state).


#6. University of Maryland Global Campus

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program at UMGC includes a variety of programming classes designed to prepare students for success in the workplace. Students also take two calculus classes (eight semester credit hours). UMGC is actively researching and developing new learning models and methods to increase engagement in the online classroom and improve student outcomes through its Center for Innovation in Learning and Student Success.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $7,560 (in-state), $12,336 (out-of-state).


#7. SUNY Empire State College

SUNY (State University of New York System) Empire State College was founded in 1971 to serve working adults through nontraditional teaching methods such as online courses.
To help students earn their degrees faster and save money, the school awards credit for relevant work experience.
The bachelor’s degree in computer science at SUNY Empire State College is made up of 124 semester credit hours. Introduction to C++ Programming, Database Systems, and Social/Professional Issues in IT/IS are among the major courses. The degrees at the school are flexible, allowing you to take courses that are relevant to your career goals. Faculty mentors are available to assist you in developing a degree program that meets your specific requirements. Online students receive the same diploma as on-campus students upon graduation.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $7,605 (in-state), $17,515 (out of state).


#8. Central Methodist University

CMU offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in computer science online. Students in either program will gain proficiency in at least one programming language commonly used by employers. Students are also well-prepared for graduate programs in the field. Database Systems and SQL, Computer Architecture and Operating Systems, and Data Structures and Algorithms are all important classes. Students can also learn about web design and game development. CMU’s online courses can be completed in 8 or 16 weeks. The above-mentioned tuition is based on 30 units completed over the academic year (for $260 per unit).

Estimated Annual Tuition: $7,800


#9. Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University (TESU) was founded in New Jersey in 1972 to assist nontraditional students in obtaining a college education. The university only accepts adult students. TESU provides online classes in a variety of formats to accommodate various learning styles. The University’s Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science program requires 120 semester hours to complete. Computer Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and UNIX are among the electives available to students. Passing exams or submitting a relevant portfolio for assessment may allow students to earn credit hours to fulfil course requirements. Licenses, work experience, and military training may also be applied as a credit toward a degree.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $7,926 (in-state), $9,856 (out-of-state).


#10. Lamar University

Lamar University is a state-run public research university in Texas. The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education places the university in the Doctoral Universities: Moderate Research Activity category. Lamar is a neighbourhood in the city of Beaumont. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program at the University requires 120 semester credit hours to graduate. Programming, information systems, software engineering, networking, and algorithms are among the topics covered in the program. Students take online classes through Lamar’s Division of Distance Learning in either accelerated eight-week terms or traditional 15-week semester terms.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $8,494 (in-state), $18,622 (out-of-state)


#11. Troy University

Troy University’s online Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science program teaches students how to create software such as games, smartphone apps, and web-based applications. This degree program prepares you to work as a system analyst or computer programmer. The major necessitates the completion of 12 three-credit courses. Students become acquainted with data structures, databases, and operating systems. They have the option of taking elective courses in networking, computer security, and business systems programming.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $8,908 (in-state), $16,708 (out-of-state).


#12. Southern University and A&M College

Southern University and A&M College (SU) is a historically black, public university in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. U.S. News and World Report assigned the university a Tier 2 ranking and placed it in the Regional Universities South category. The Southern University System’s flagship institution is SU. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at SU can select from electives such as Scientific Computing, Video Game Programming, and Introduction to Neural Networks. Graduation requires 120 semester hours. The instructors are involved in field research, which keeps them current on developments in the computer science industry. Students can communicate with faculty members via email, chat, and discussion boards.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $9,141 (in-state), $16,491 (out-of-state).

#13. Trident University International

Trident University International (TUI) is a private for-profit institution that is entirely online and caters to adult students. More than 90% of its undergraduate students are over the age of 24. Since its inception in 1998, the school has graduated over 28,000 students. TUI’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a 120-credit program that teaches students the various subjects through case studies based on real-life scenarios rather than traditional testing methods. Computer System Architecture, Human-Computer Interaction, and Advanced Programming Topics are all required courses.
Students can add a cybersecurity concentration to their program by enrolling in three four-credit courses in wireless hybrid networks, cryptography, and network security. TUI is a member of Cyber Watch West, a government program aimed at improving cybersecurity.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $9,240.


#14. Dakota State University

DSU’s faculty brings a wealth of knowledge to the field as they teach the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. All of the program’s professors have PhDs in computer science. Many DSU faculty members foster a unique collaboration between online and on-campus students by assigning them projects on which they collaborate. Furthermore, online classes are frequently held concurrently with their on-campus counterparts.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $9,536 (in-state), $12,606 (out-of-state)


#15. Franklin University

Franklin University, founded in 1902, is a private, non-profit university in Columbus, Ohio. The school focuses on providing adult students with higher education programs.
The average Franklin student is in their early thirties, and all of Franklin’s degree programs can be completed online. Franklin University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program prepares students for career success through practical classes that simulate real-world projects in the workplace. Students in the program also learn the theory behind fundamental computers science concepts such as object-oriented design, testing, and algorithms. The University offers course scheduling flexibility. Students can enroll in classes that last six, twelve, or fifteen weeks, with multiple start dates available.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $9,577.


#16. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has one of the largest distance learning enrollments in the country, with over 60,000 online students. SNHU is a private, non-profit university. According to U.S. News & World Report, Southern New Hampshire University is the 75th best university in the North (2021). Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree at SNHU learn how to create effective software using popular programming languages such as Python and C++. They are also exposed to real-world operating systems and development platforms to prepare them for a successful career. SNHU offers flexible course scheduling due to its short eight-week terms. You can begin the program right away rather than wait months for your first course.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $9,600.


#17. Baker College

Baker College, with nearly 35,000 students, is the largest not-for-profit college in Michigan and one of the largest private colleges in the country. The institution is a vocational school, and its administrators believe that earning a degree will lead to a successful career. The college’s Bachelor of Computer Science program requires 195 quarter credit hours to complete. The most important classes cover programming languages such as SQL, C++, and C#. Students also learn about unit testing, microprocessor electronics, and mobile device programming. Baker’s admissions policy is one of automatic acceptance. This means that you can be admitted to the school with only a high school diploma or GED certificate.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $9,920

#18. Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University is a public research university. Since it began offering online programs, the University has graduated over 13,500 students. Old Dominion University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science emphasizes math and science to produce graduates who can make a significant impact in the workplace. Students who complete the program are prepared for careers in fields such as database development and network administration. Over 100 online programs are available at ODU.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $10,680 (in-state), $30,840 (out-of-state).


#19. Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College is a for-profit private college. It is the first higher education institution to be designated as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). Rasmussen, as a corporate entity, provides services that benefit the local communities where its campuses are located, such as matching companies with qualified employees.
Rasmussen’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a fast-track degree program. Students must have an accredited associate’s degree or complete 60 semester credit hours (or 90 quarter hours) with a grade of C or higher to be eligible for admission. Business intelligence, cloud computing, and web analytics are among the topics covered in the program. Students can choose to specialize in Apple iOS app development or Universal Windows app development.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $10,935.


#20. Park University

Park University, founded in 1875, is a private, non-profit institution that offers online programs through interactive courses. The school has previously ranked third in Washington Monthly’s rankings of four-year colleges for adult students. Park received high marks from the publication for its services to adult learners. Park University offers a Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science online. In the core classes, students learn about discrete math, programming fundamentals and concepts, and managing information systems. Computer science, software engineering, data management, networking and security are among the specialities available for study. These concentrations range in length from 23 to 28 credit hours. Students must complete at least 120 semester hours to graduate from the program.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $11,190.

#21. University of Illinois at Springfield

UIS (University of Illinois at Springfield) is a public liberal arts college. UIS offers a 120-credit hour online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program. Two semesters of Java programming and a semester of calculus, discrete or finite math, and statistics are required for admission to the program. For applicants who require them, UIS offers online courses that meet these requirements. Algorithms, software engineering, and computer organization are just a few of the major topics covered in major courses.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $11,813 (in-state), $21,338 (out-of-state).


#22. Regent University

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program at Regent University teaches students how to solve difficult computer problems that they may encounter in the workplace. The major is made up of eight courses, including Parallel and Distributed Programming, Computer Ethics, and Mobile and Smart Computing. In addition, to fulfil the math requirements, students must take three Calculus classes. Working professionals and adult students in the program typically take eight-week courses.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $11,850.


#23. Limestone University

Limestone University’s Extended Campus offers an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Courses in imperative programming, networking fundamentals, and microcomputer applications are part of the degree program. Students can specialize in one of four areas: computer and information system security, information technology, programming, or web development and database development. Courses are offered in eight-week terms, with six terms per year. Students may enroll in two courses per term in order to earn 36 semester credit hours for the year. The program requires 123 hours to complete.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $13,230.


#24. National University

National University offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program that takes 180 quarter credit hours to complete. To graduate, 70.5 of those hours must come from school. The curriculum prepares students for careers in the computer science industry by covering discrete structures, computer architecture, programming languages, database design, and other topics.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $13,320.


#25. Concordia University, St. Paul

Concordia University, St. Paul (CSP) is a private liberal arts college in St. Paul, Minnesota. The school is part of the Concordia University System, which is affiliated with the Christian denomination Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree completion program at CSP is a 55 semester credit hour program that teaches students relevant skills in web design, object-oriented programming, server-side development, and database design. Courses last seven weeks, and the degree requires 128 credits to be completed.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $13,440.


#26. Lakeland University

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Lakeland is an option for those who want to tailor their online computer science degree. Students in the program can specialize in one of three areas: information systems, software design, or computer science. The first two concentrations each have nine semester hours of electives, while the Computer Science concentration has 27-28 hours of electives. Database fundamentals, database management, programming, and data structures are among the topics covered in the core courses. Graduation requires 120-semester credits.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $13,950.


#27. Regis University

Regis University’s online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program is the only ABET-accredited online computer science degree program (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology). ABET is one of the most reputable accreditors of computing and engineering programs. Principles of Programming Languages, Computation Theory, and Software Engineering are examples of upper-division major classes.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $16,650.


#28. Oregon State University

Oregon State University, also known as OSU, is a public research university located in Corvallis, Oregon. The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education classifies OSU as a doctoral university with the highest level of research activity. The university has over 25,000 undergraduate students enrolled. OSU offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science through its School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to students who already have a bachelor’s degree. Data structures, software engineering, usability, and mobile development are some examples of course topics. To graduate, 60 credit hours of major classes are required.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $16,695.

#29. Mercy College

Students in Mercy College’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program learn how to program in Java and C++, two programming languages that are widely used by employers. In addition, students gain teamwork experience by working with their peers for an entire semester to complete a software project. The major requires two calculus classes, two algorithms classes, two software engineering classes, and an artificial intelligence class. Graduation requires 120 semester hours.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $19,594.


#30. Lewis University

Lewis University provides an accelerated Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science program. The program teaches skills such as writing software in popular programming languages (such as JavaScript, Ruby, and Python), designing secure networks, and incorporating artificial intelligence into applications. Courses last eight weeks, and class sizes are kept small to foster a positive learning environment. Students with prior programming experience may be eligible for college credit through a process known as Prior Learning Assessment.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $33,430.


#31. Brigham young university

Brigham Young University – Idaho is a private, non-profit liberal arts institution in Rexburg that is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Online Learning Division offers the lowest tuition on our list for a Bachelor of Science in Applied Technology. This 120-credit program prepares graduates to design, develop, and manage computer systems. Senior practicum and a capstone project supplement online Computer Information Technology courses.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $3,830.


#32. Carnegie Mellon University

CMU offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in Computer Engineering (ECE). The department with the most students in the university’s College of Engineering. The BS in computer engineering is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology and includes classes such as fundamentals of, logic design and verification, and introduction to machine learning for engineers. An MS in software engineering, a dual MS/MBA in computer engineering, and a PhD in computer engineering are among the graduate degrees available.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $800/credit.


#33. Clayton state university

Clayton State University, located in Morrow, Georgia, is the cheapest online computer science degree, provider. Their computer science options are limited to a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Curriculums in information technology are designed to prepare students for professional careers by teaching them about information sharing and network administration. This degree’s affordability, combined with the skills training, makes it one of the best investments available to online degree seekers.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $165 per credit hour.


#34. Bellevue University

The bachelor’s degree in information technology at Bellevue University emphasizes applied learning to prepare graduates for immediate career success. To graduate, all students must complete intensive research or experiential learning components. A self-designed, faculty-approved IT project or study, an internship, or successful completion of an industry-standard certification are all options. Students engage in a robust curriculum focused on skill development as they progress toward these culminating experiences. Networking, server management, cloud computing, and IT governance are major areas of focus.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $430 per credit.


#35. New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University offers an accelerated online bachelor’s degree in information and communication technology. Full-time students can graduate in two years, while part-time students can finish in three to four years. This increases the program’s value because students can enter the IT workforce faster than most comparable programs allow. Learners with an associate degree in a related field and those who have completed the first two years of a computer science or technology program at an accredited four-year institution are eligible for admission to the online program. Expert faculty members guide students through hands-on, self-directed senior research projects aimed at developing professional-level project management skills.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $380 per credit.


#36. Colorado Technical University

IT students at Colorado Technical University complete a rigorous 187-credit program that includes both general and focused tracks. Network management, software systems engineering, and security are among the specializations available to students. Incoming students with postsecondary computer science training or relevant professional experience can take examinations to assess their current knowledge for possible advanced standing placement. Programming, database management, network security, infrastructure, and cloud computing are all covered in core courses. Students receive training in business intelligence, communications, and disaster recovery to supplement their technical knowledge. Learners are equipped with complete, well-rounded, and career-ready skillsets when they complete the program.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $325 per credit.


#37. City University of Seattle

The bachelor’s program in information technology at City University consists of a rigorous 180-credit curriculum. Information security, operating systems, major networking models, human-computer interactions, and data science are all covered in the courses. Students also gain a thorough understanding of the legal, ethical, and policy principles underlying organizational and social approaches to IT management. The program’s self-paced structure allows students to graduate in as little as 2.5 years, and online students have access to the same extensive career networking resources as the college’s on-campus students.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $489 per credit.


#38. Pace University

Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems at Pace University is one of only a few National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education. The designation is sponsored jointly by the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency, and it applies to cybersecurity programs at regionally accredited institutions that are particularly rigorous and academically complete. This online program leads to a bachelor’s degree in professional technology studies. It combines theory and practical applications through a problem-solving approach that is heavily influenced by current issues in the IT industry. Learners can specialize in business technology leadership or computer forensics, making the program an excellent choice for aspiring professionals with specific career goals.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $570 per credit.


#39. Kennesaw State University

The ABET-accredited bachelor’s degree in information technology at Kennesaw State University emphasizes an integrated approach to organizational IT, computing, and management systems. Students pursuing a degree take courses that help them develop strategic insights as well as technical skills in IT procurement, development, and administration. Kennesaw State University also offers fully online programs in a variety of related fields, such as cybersecurity, industrial engineering technology, and an IT-focused bachelor of applied science.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $185 per credit (in-state), $654 per credit (out-of-state)


#40. Central Washington University

Central Washington University offers a bachelor’s degree in information technology and administrative management that is entirely online. Administrative management, cybersecurity, project management, retail management and technology, and data-driven innovation are among the five valuable specializations available to online students. These one-of-a-kind concentrations prepare students for careers in specialized areas of professional practice. After completing a 61-credit foundational core, students move on to their chosen specialization. Degree candidates develop fundamental skills in computer networking and security, information management, web development, and the human-centric aspects of the IT and computing industries during the program’s foundational phase.

Estimated Annual Tuition: $205 per credit (in-state), $741 per credit (out-of-state).


FAQs about the cheapest online computer science degree fully online

Can I complete the cheapest online computer science degree fully online?

Yes. Many online bachelor’s degrees in computer science do not require in-person attendance. Some programs, however, may require only a few hours of attendance for student orientation, networking, or proctored exams.

How long does it take to earn a cheap computer science bachelor’s degree online?

A bachelor’s degree in computer science typically takes four years to complete, but associate degree options can significantly reduce this time. Furthermore, students may seek out degree completion tracks or schools that offer credit for prior learning in order to reduce the length of the degree program even further.

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Computer science is a growing subject for undergraduate students interested in becoming software developers, with the number of students and faculty in the field increasing dramatically in recent years.
Students are drawn to the growing tech industry’s salary potential and job prospects, as well as the flood of technology jobs in traditionally non-tech businesses. Accredited schools across the globe offer fully online computer science degrees, with many offering relatively low tuition rates.

So what are you waiting for, start your learning today!