10 Most Affordable Boarding Schools in UK You Will Love

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Are you in search of affordable boarding schools in the United Kingdom for international students? Here in this article, World Scholar Hub has researched and provided you with a detailed list of the 10 most affordable boarding schools in UK.

Studying at boarding schools in England has been a cherished dream for most international students. England is one of the countries with the most sound, cherished, and powerful educational system in the world.

Approximately, there are over 480 boarding schools in UK. These boarding cuts across England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Moreover, boarding schools in the UK have standard boarding facilities and as well offer quality education.

However, most of the boarding schools in England are quite expensive and it is fair for one to say that the most expensive schools are not always the best.

Also, some schools’ payments are much lower than others and as such, may have higher percentages of international students.

In addition, most of these schools reduce their fees through the award of a scholarship or by recognizing the genuine ability/potential of its applicant and awarding tuition-free scholarships.

Things to consider when choosing a boarding school for yourself as an international student

The following are various things one should consider when seeking a boarding school for international students:
  • Location:

The location of any school is the number one prior consideration, this will help determine if the school is located in a safe place or country. The school can as well be affected by the climate condition of such a place or country. Moreover, boarding is not like day schools, where students return to their residents after school, boarding schools are also residential schools for students and they should be situated in a friendly or conducive climatic area.
  • Type of school

Some boarding schools are co-educational or single-gender. There is a need to find out if the school you want to apply for is co-educational or single, gender, this will help you make the right choice.
  • Type of student

The type of student is referred to as knowing the nationality of students who are enrolled in the schools. As an international student, it is advisable to know the nationalities of other students who are already enrolled in the school.
This gives a sense of confidence when you find out that they are people from your country who are also students at the school.
  • Boarding facility

Boarding schools are far-away homes, therefore, their environment should be comfortable for living. It is advisable to always look out for the school boarding facilities to know if they provide standard and comfortable boarding houses for the student.
  • Fee

This is a major consideration of most parents; the tuition fee for international students. Every year the cost of boarding school keeps increasing, and this makes it difficult for some parent to enroll their children in boarding schools outside their country. However, there are affordable boarding schools for international students around the world. This article contains a list of affording boarding schools in the UK for international students.

List of 10 most affordable boarding schools in UK for international students

Below is a list of the most affordable boarding schools in UK:

10 Affordable Boarding Schools in the United Kingdom for International Students

These boarding schools are located in England with boarding school fees that are affordable, especially for international students.

1) Ardingly College

  •  Boarding fees:  £4,065 to £13,104 per term.

Ardingly College is an independent day and boarding school that allows the enrollment of international students. It is located in West Sussex, England, UK. The school is among the top affordable boarding schools in the UK for international students.

Moreover, Ardingly accepts international students with a strong academic profile, good ethics, and good use of English with at least a 6.5 or above in IELTS score.

2) Kimbolton School

  • Boarding fee:   £8,695 to £9,265 per term.

Kimbolton School is among the top boarding school in the UK for internal students. The school is located at Huntingdon, Kimbolton, United Kingdom. It is an independent and co-education boarding school for international students. 

The school provides a balanced education, a full extra-curricular program, excellent academic results, and outstanding care. They’re noted for the happy family atmosphere they create for the student.

However, Kimbolton School aims at providing a disciplined and caring framework that encourages students to develop their interests, individual personalities, and potential.

3) Bredon school

  • Boarding fees:  £8,785 to £12,735 per term

This is a Co-educational independent boarding school that admits the enrollment of international students at an affordable rate. Bredon School is formerly known as “Pull court” it is a school for children of age 7-18 years. It is located at Bushley, Tewkesbury, UK.

However, the school welcomes applications of international students with a friendly approach. The school currently has students from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

4) St Catherine’s School, Bramley

  • Boarding fee:  £10,955 per term

St Catherine’s School, Bramley is a school for international students precisely for girls. It is located in Bramley, England. 

In St. Catherine school, the boarding is grouped according to age as well as occasional and fully time boarding.

However. the occasional and full boarding is supervised by resident Housemistresses and a team of staff who live on-site. However, boarding house has always been an inherent and popular part of the School.

5) Rishworth School

  • Boarding fees:  £9,700 – £10,500 per term.

Rishworth School is a thriving, independent, co-educational, boarding, and day school founded in the ’70s; for students aged 11-18. It is located in Halifax, Rishworth, UK.

Moreover, Her boarding house is welcoming and feels homely to Students. In Rishwort, some trips and excursions are included in the termly boarding fee while others are offered at a subsidized cost.

In addition, Rishworth School is a forward-thinking, innovative day and boarding school that retains traditional values.

6) Sidcot School

  • Boarding fee: £9,180 – £12,000 per term.

Sidcot school was founded in 1699.  It is a  co-educational British boarding and day school situated in Somerset, London.

The school has a well-established international community with over 30 different nationalities living and learning together. Sidcot School is an innovative school and also one of the first co-educational schools in the UK.

Moreover, her long-term experience with such a diverse community shows that staff in the school are accustomed to welcoming students from other countries warmly and as well help them settle in happily. The age for boarders in Sidcot is 11-18yrs.

7) Royal High School Bath

  • Boarding fee: £11,398 -£11,809 per term

Royal High School Bath is another affordable boarding school in England for international students. It is a girls-only school located at Lansdown Road, Bath, England.

The school provides an outstanding, girl-centered, contemporary education. However, Royal High School makes friends and families of international students see and believe that their child/children will become part of their school family and as well make lasting memories.

In addition, international students are always welcomed into their boarding houses and their students have a global network of friendships.

8) City of London Freemen’s School

  • Boarding fee: £10,945 – £12,313  per term.

City of London Freemen’s School is another affordable boarding school in Ashtead, England for international students. It is a co-education day and boarding school that for local and international students.   

Moreover, it is a traditional school with a contemporary and forward-looking approach. The school provides optimum care for the student.

In addition, they take time to guide the student toward making positive choices and as well provide their students with the skills they need to prepare them for life beyond the school walls.

9) Monmouth School for Girls

  • Boarding fee:  £10,489 – £11,389 per term.

Monmouth School for Girls is another affordable boarding school for international. The school is located in Monmouth, Wales, England. 

The school accepts International students with the belief that they play an important part in the life of the school. Currently, they have girls from Canada, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Nigeria, and so on living alongside the UK borders.

However, the school carefully planned its educational system; they deliver a broad choice of subjects and engage students in specific learning styles.

10) Royal Russell School

  • Boarding fees:  £11,851 to £13,168 per term.

Royal Russell School is also an affordable boarding school in England for international students. It is a co-educational and multicultural community that offers a complete education. It is located in Coombe Lane, Croydon-Surrey, England.

In Royal Russell, the School boarding houses are sited at the heart of the parkland campus. Moreover, A team of experienced boarding staff lives on campus 24/7 to ensure the boarding houses are staffed with qualified nurses in their medical center at all times.

FAQs about affordable boarding schools in UK

1) what are the advantages of boarding over the day?

Living away from home can pose its challenges, but boarding students also gain a greater sense of responsibility and independence beyond their years. Boarding can keep one busy at all times in school. It exposes one to peer learning and personal growth.

2) does State boarding schools accept international students?

Admission to state boarding schools in the UK is limited to children who are nationals of the UK and are eligible to hold a full UK passport or those who have the right of residence in the UK.

3) How easy it is for an overseas student to get citizenship in the UK?

Being allowed to come to the UK to study means exactly that, and nothing more. It is NOT an invitation to move in and stay!



One unique thing about boarding schools in England is that all boarding fees are nearly the same fees. These boarding schools for international students seem to be within  +/- 3% of each other in terms of fees. 

However, there are a small number of state boarding schools that are relatively cheap; (the schooling is free, but you pay for the boarding) this is limited to children who are nationals of the UK.